May 22, 2024

Tablet computers are quite useful devices. They are lighter than laptops and more versatile than desktops. Plus, today’s models boast plenty of battery life and processing power. In the future, it’s likely they will replace conventional systems, believe it or not!

We all use tablets for a variety of purposes. Some of us surf the Web with them while others manage email accounts. Tablets offer plenty of ways for people to make their daily lives easier. For instance, the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab enables users download “apps”. Those apps enable people to perform a variety of productive tasks. You can even play some impressive games on tablets too!

Car Repair2

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Another way that tablet computers are useful is for repairing your car. There was once a time where the only thing you could do is pay a mechanic to fix your pride and joy. Nowadays, you can use a tablet as your virtual mechanic! Here are some examples of how this is possible:


You are no doubt aware that you can download and install all kinds of apps to your tablet. But, what you might not know is some of them can “talk” to your car!

They won’t do an emotional rendition of a favorite song. But, what they will do is communicate with your vehicle’s electronic systems. How? By using a USB cable or a Bluetooth OBD-II adapter!

OBD-II is a standard that automotive companies use. With the right adapter, your tablet can connect to almost any modern car via a cable or adapter.

There are both free and premium apps that you can use to read fault codes, for example. Those apps will also give you the “value” of certain data from electronic sensors in your engine. That information is useful for both diagnosing and tuning your car up.

Car Repair1

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Electronic Manuals

You might have general mechanical repair knowledge. But, what if you need to do some repairs on features specific to your model? The last thing you want to do is break something while you’re trying to figure stuff out. Especially if the item you break is an expensive part!

It makes sense to refer to a workshop manual. Sure, you can buy hardback books from Haynes or Chilton. Or you could use car repair manuals in a digital format! Tablets make it handy for people to refer to specific instructions.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting permanent oil stains on a paper manual. Tablets are easy to clean, and you can protect them with hard cases.

Augmented Reality

Have you not heard about augmented reality? Let me explain. It’s where something like an image gets superimposed on top of a “live” scene. One common example is when you use a barcode scanning app like RedLaser to find shopping deals online.

These days, you can also use augmented reality apps to help you fix your pride and joy. Companies like Audi use them to teach people how to perform basic repairs. They’re also useful for identifying the location of parts under the hood.

Car Repair

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