June 12, 2024

It can be difficult to find the right gift for the car enthusiast in your life, especially if you’re not one yourself. We’ve made a quick and easy list to help you pick the perfect present for your special someone. These gifts come in all price ranges and were selected for how universally they would be adored by car lovers.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0

  1. Radar Detector

Lead foot syndrome runs deep in most car enthusiasts, and even those without a passion for automobiles might love to receive a quality radar detector as a gift.

These devices are more advanced than ever before. Try the Cobra SPX 7800BT for maximum smartphone capability and community support. See what the radar has picked up in real time via the rotating map application on your phone so you can be in total control of your surroundings. At just $170, this detector is a steal.

  1. Car Detailing

Setting your loved one up with an appointment to get their beloved automobile detailed is one of the greatest gifts you can give a car enthusiast. Be smart about making the appointment, or if you can, get a specific gift card for this purpose. Car enthusiasts love to pamper their vehicles with detailing like some people like to pamper themselves at the spa.

Car detailing packages range in prices, typically from $50-200 depending on the work.

If you want to surprise someone, consider a mobile car wash service which will come to their home or office to clean their car in sparkling detail while they relax.

  1. Event Tickets

Car shows and races are some of a car enthusiast’s favorite events, and most of them would love a couple tickets to one, especially if they go to the same event every year. Like making an appointment to detail their vehicle, be smart about the event’s scheduling, ensuring that the person receiving the tickets can use them!

Again, event tickets vary greatly in price. There are auto show tickets for as little as $20 and race tickets that start at $150. This is where a little research into your loved one’s specific interests may come in handy.

  1. Cleaning Tools

For those months between detailing sessions, car enthusiasts are typically fanatical about keeping their vehicles clean. Getting them a high tech cleaning system is just the right way to get their heart aflutter.

For those who are nit-picky about floors, you can’t go wrong with a powerful, portable vacuum or steam cleaner. Our choice is the DustBuster PAD 1200 Handheld Vacuum for it’s affordable price (under $50) and its superior cleaning power. It’s bagless and has very easy maintenance, and can be easily stored for portable use.

Are your car enthusiast’s eyes always darting to their rims, rubbing away imaginary specks of dust? Maybe the Brush Hero is more your speed, then. Only available online, this handy tool connects to your hose and makes cleaning and detailing jobs simpler than ever before with quality brushes and and a stream of pressured water.

  1. A Day in the Life

Is your car enthusiast short of their dream vehicle? Have they always wanted to drive a luxury sports brand, or always talk about the time they did? Thrill them with some time with the car of their dreams, giving them a few hours or a whole day in the driver’s seat.

Renting a luxury vehicle starts at about $100 and can go into the thousands depending on how crazy of an adventure you have planned. If you have the money, this is the perfect experience for any car lover, and is a wonderful opportunity for you to share in the gift! Plan a day around the two of you traveling the most scenic routes for extra points.

Getting creative

With your gifts to auto-enthusiasts is easier than you think! You don’t have to settle for another tool kit or gift card again this year, just check back to this list when in doubt.

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