July 20, 2024

If you’re thinking about entering the world of UTV’s, you’ve come to the right place. Side by side vehicles open up a new adventure for ATV enthusiasts. You’ve got the same accessibility and reliability as your favorite ATV, but now you can bring someone along for the ride and be safe inside your UTV. No one is hanging out the back and there’s a roll cage around you, adding more stability. A UTV can rise to the challenge and that’s why it’s no surprise that more riders are hitting mudding events with their side by side, all terrain vehicles.

Go Big or Go Home!
The High Lifter Mud Nationals ranks at the top of the list as a huge mudding event. It may even be the largest of its kind in the world. One thing is definite. Anyone who shows up with their ATV’s and UTV’s is ready to get dirty and have fun. It’s located in the Mud Creek Off-Road Park in Tennessee and covers an area of 4100 acres. There are plenty of wet places to play in, from marshes to mud pits. Thousands come out to put their UTV’s to the test and see what their machines will do to get stuck in the mud.

A Great Time for Everyone
UTV’s make any kind of trail riding a blast and going mudding is no exception. If you love to take on a challenge don’t mind getting dirty, you need to try a mudding event for yourself. In the end, it’s usually a contest to see who will make the biggest mess when the day is over. UTV riding brings people together in the great outdoors and gives them an opportunity to go out and play. When you need a break from the daily grind, your UTV can help you escape. 

Find Out for Yourself
If you haven’t tried a UTV yet, you have to give one a test drive. You can have the same power and performance as an ATV, but you’ll enjoy that extra sense of security that comes with a side by side. Whether you want to head out with a buddy, your partner, or family, you can share the excitement with someone else. The next time you are getting ready to ride, think about taking a spin in a side by side and see what it can do.

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