May 23, 2024

One characteristic of overheating engine is the engine died suddenly, if we do not pay attention to the temperature indicator in the speedometer panel either in the form of needle temperature indicator and temperature indicator light. Tips to prevent the engine overheating or troubleshooting automobile engines could help you to prevent high temperature rises. Overheating or high temperature machine ride is a condition where the machine cannot work properly due to the working temperature of the engine is above the normal operating temperature. By simply, normal working temperature can be described as a condition where the motor cooling fan can be on and off following the normal engine operating temperature that is between 85 to 95 degrees Celsius.

Some things can be done for maintenance and inspection of the engine cooling system to prevent high engine temperature or overheating.

1. Check the condition of radiator and cooling system
Some parts of the radiator that need to be checked are the upper tank and the lower tank, particularly radiator tank using plastic for the upper and lower tanks. Because the upper and lower tanks made of plastic will be brittle and cracks that cause leakage of water radiator. Upper tank or radiator top part will be damaged firstly due immediately receives hot water from the engine.

2. Use the Radiator Coolant
Heated water tends to react with the metal and make the metal solution and therefore if the radiator is not given radiator coolant water, there always usual yellowish color that will be attached to the radiator. Impure water therein often contains metals can cause the crust which in turn makes the overheating engine.

3. Check wind speed of Radiator
Modern machines using the cooling fan motors, and cooling fan motors will rotate when the working temperature reached. Impurities such as dust, leaves or bent fins will reduce the ability to remove radiator heat.

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