May 23, 2024

Modern automobile collision work is one area of vehicle repair that is usually avoided by the backyard or shade tree mechanic. There are valid reasons as to why this is so. When a car is in an accident and is repairable, quality repairs are usually beyond the province of the amateur.

If a portion of a vehicle is damaged, as is often the case in a collision, restoring it to its condition takes proper equipment, training, parts and technique. Some may be surprised that it takes more skill to pain a portion of a vehicle than is does to pain the whole vehicle. A slight variation in shade of color will be readily noticeable. This is because the damaged area must be painted to match the original color. Simply buying “white” paint or “black” paint isn’t sufficient. Quality collision repair shops will obtain the number coding of the paint color on the car codes. It will then purchase the exact paint from the manufacturer or dealer.

Paint selection is only the first step. It must be applied correctly, using the correct type of sprayer, proper air pressure, applied to the proper thickness, with the correct finishing coat. The proper painting techniques take time and training.

Smaller dents and dings may sometimes be repaired without the need for repainting. Dings from hail damage or door strikes in a parking lot can sometimes be hammered out by a collision technician. But like painting, special tools and techniques are needed.

When a car is in an accident, there is always the possibility of suspension or frame damage. Though the ride of a vehicle can often show signs of a problem, a thorough inspection of the undercarriage area is the safest plan. For frame damage, computerized equipment is used to detect if the frame has deviated from square. In many cases, the trained collision expert can restore the frame to its true shape and form. In Colorado, a suspension work lakewood co can be obtained by checking the Better Business Bureau for the area.

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