May 23, 2024

Technology has totally taken over, which can cut down on experiences with friends and family. For instance, a long road trip can be made moreso boring and irritating with tablets and smartphones. Why? Because staring at screens for long periods of time can negatively affect your mood. Not to mention the risks of headaches and nausea.

Ergo, when you’re looking to cut down on the tablets and smartphones on your long road trip, here are a few fun things to do instead—all of which are family-friendly.

Tip: Before you take your family or friends on a road trip, make sure your car is prepared. Check for problems at a professional mechanic. Get things like a speedometer repair Florida before you decide on any long-distance journeys with the ones you love.

Task Your Kiddos with DIYing a Scrapbook of Your Trip, Beginning with a Disposable Camera

Yes, disposable cameras are still around—complete with the clicking spinner that makes you roll the film to the next available picture slot. Have your kids take pictures of your trip, from beginning to end. Then ask them to DIY a family scrapbook. One that shows the adventures, fun, and laughs you all shared together.

Create an Old-Fashioned CD or Cassette Playlist for Your Trip—Rock Out and Sing at the Top of Your Lungs

Perfect for friends, family, or all alone, you could make an old-fashioned burnt CD or cassette playlist of your favorite songs. Oldies perhaps? Roll the windows down and sing at the top of your lungs. This is an awesome way to introduce your kids to new music while encouraging them to let loose and get silly.

Play the Question Game to Learn More About Your Road Trip Buddies

The question game is a fun one that anyone can play, and you can make it as age-appropriate as you wish. What do you do? Ask questions. Delve into who your road trip buddies are as people with deep-thinking questions. Or brush the surface of silly with your kids when you ask them goofy Qs like, “what crazy color would your stripes be if you were a zebra?” Whatever pops into your mind.

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