May 22, 2024

We have all wondered how technology evolves from time to time and develops into unbelievable versions. The same can besaid for cars and the newly developed keyless entry system for the locking and unlocking of doors. You must have been curious to know as to how a simple remote can unlock your car door, and only your car door. All of your questions are answered in the following article. Have a look and see for yourself how intricately advanced this system really is.


Image Credits: face-4, CC0

  1. The Fundamentals

To know about the details of the keyless car entry system, you must first know the basic idea of it. The remote works through a small radio transmitter that is fitted inside. This radio transmitter catches the car signal from about twenty feet away. It is actually just as similar as unlocking the garage door. The mechanism is somewhat the same. The transmitter transfers a signal from the remote to the car, which the car recognizes and the result of it is that the door gets unlocked. The signal has to match that of the car, and that is how only when the code is matched, the door is unlocked.

  1. Active Keys

The initial advanced system of keyless entry was developed in the ‘90s when the active keyless system was first introduced. At the press of a button, a code is sent through the radio transmitter, in turn, through which, the door is unlocked. It does not matter if your key is pointed in any direction, if it is in close proximity to the car, the door is easily unlocked. The transmission spans a large area, and as long as the code matches and the door recognizes it, there is ease of unlocking it.

  1. Passive Keys

The more advanced system of keyless remote entry into cars is a bit more complex in detail, but much easier in convenience. This system is also termed as the Smart Key system. This accounts for no button to be pressed. Through the low frequency antennas, a magnetic field is produced surrounding the car, which works through proximity alert. The fob is in sleep mode when not in close proximity, but as soon as the remote comes close, the low frequency mode is activated. When the frequency is detected, the transmission code is automatically detected through the antennas, allowing entry into the car. A great advantage of it is that you don’t have to be worried about locked keys in the car.

  1. Encryption and Security

The last but most important concern when it comes to keyless car entry relies on security. Most people are worried about a scenario where if their remote is stolen, anyone can gain entry into the car through the proximity alert that the passive as well as active keyless entry remote system makes use of. This concern is not completely open for dismissal without an explanation. To answer this question, the easiest way would be to say that the owner can rest assured because it is most difficult to lose or misplace the remote because of its size. It is comparatively bigger in size than a key, and is much less likely to be lost.

However, in the rare case that it does get misplaced or stolen, the reassuring factor is that the remote is protected by encryption. Depending on the type of encryption that the car company has provided, on an average, there are over a trillion combinations that can be matched until the right code is hit. Due to the advanced method, the encryptions work with rolling of codes. These codes or encryption keys keep changing, ensuring the protection of the codes as you go. There is hardly any chance that it can be hacked into.

A keyless entry into your car through the advanced remote system might seem like it is less protective, but you must rest assured that there is added security with the aforesaid method.

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