April 24, 2024

Ignition cables conduct voltage to the spark plug. This is achieved using a mechanical spark distributor and distributor cap, an electronic ignition module and an electronic semi-direct ignition or double spark ignition coil. Ignition cables must have top quality insulating characteristics and have high level heat resistance in order to with stand the high voltage generated in the ignition coil and flow it to the spark plug. They must also be able to resist vibrations and fluctuations in temperature.

Beru Ignition cables have individual copper ignition leads for almost all models of Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen.  They conform to original specification of the engines. They boast a high quality silicon ignition lead with a copper core, a damping resistor, a silicon protective cap, genuine ignition lead fittings, epoxy resin carrier, metal shielding, silicon encapsulation, a damping resistor, and a genuine spark plug contact.

These cables are easy to install. They are identical with original equipment design. They are resistant to petrol and oil and extremely temperature resistant. They are designed to stand high ignition voltages. They come in a box completely assembled, ready for installation.

If Ignition cables in your car are damaged by porosity, hairline fractures, wear, have charred and braised areas. If they have damaged water protection caps, or a leaking plug-lead connection, performance is affected. Damaged plugs lead to misfiring.

With Beru Ignition Cables, you have a durable ignition cable.You don’t have to replace the whole set because the ignition cables are available individually. Beru Ignition cables come as Beru Power Cable, or Beru Carbon Cable. You can replace copper leads with Beru leads sets or Beru Copper Cable individual ignition leads. Talk to your mechanic or consult with your vehicle manual to know the exact specifics. Inspection of your ignition cables will help you keep them maintained and catch damage before it becomes harmful to your engine.


Information: www.OnlineCarParts.co.uk

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