May 23, 2024

An auto transporter can help you move your car anywhere in the country, but the method of transport depends on the services they offer. While most companies move vehicles with tractor trailers, depending on the carrier, you may have the option to choose between enclosed or open transport. While both methods have similarities, there are also differences to consider.


Open Air Transporters

When an auto transporter says that it uses open trucks, it uses car carriers similar to those used by automakers to make deliveries to dealerships. These trucks can be up to 80 feet long, and trailers have two levels where cars are carried. Trailers have no sides or roof, and this leaves vehicles open to the elements during transit.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Open Air Transport

New Jersey to Delaware auto transport with an open carrier has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s the cheapest option, and there’s increased visibility so the transporter can inspect vehicles during the trip. These trucks are lighter than enclosed carriers, making them more eco-friendly because they use less fuel. However, vehicles remain exposed, and there’s little in the way of protection from road debris.


Enclosed Auto Shipping

Enclosed auto transporters have fully enclosed trailers with four sides and a roof, and they provide a secure and safe transport method. Shipping via an enclosed carrier is the preferred choice for antique, luxury or classic cars because of its security.

Enclosed carriers protect cars from the elements and road debris, but there are drawbacks as well. Drivers don’t have the ability to make periodic inspections, and these trailers aren’t as fuel-efficient as open models. Moreover, enclosed Maine to Delaware auto transport is significantly more expensive than open air shipping.


Making the Right Choice

To choose the auto shipping method that works best for your vehicle and your situation, you should consider security requirements for your vehicle. If you have a collector car, you may want to be cautious and hire an enclosed transporter. However, if your vehicle is an older, everyday driver, an open trailer should be just fine. When choosing a carrier, get a minimum of three quotes from different carriers so you have a better idea of a fair rate. By considering the pros and cons of enclosed and open air shipping, and by learning about the process before getting quotes, you’ll get the best deal and your car will get where it needs to go.

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