May 23, 2024

To keep your car working nicely, it’s essential to have a regular oil change. Whether you do it yourself, have an auto mechanic who does your schedule servicing or driving through one of those quick-shops, you want to create sure you are having your car oil change about every 5,000 kilometers or 3 months. If you ignore this aspect of servicing your vehicle, you will repent it in the long run.

Why have an oil change?
Your car engine has a lot of moving parts. The oil allows those areas move efficiently. As it operates through all the parts of your engine, it picks up some dust along the way. Changing it not only restores the quantity used by your vehicle, but also provides a clean, fresh supply that is totally free from all the grit. Without this kind of maintenance, those moving areas will start to smash together and eventually stop moving. That indicates your engine either burns up or stops, neither of which is an excellent alternative!

Other advantages
An excellent shop will examine more than just your oil. You’ll get the advantage of having your other fluids topped off or checked, as well as a common checking on things such as wipers, belts and filters. While you don’t usually need to instantly change anything, it keeps you conscious of potential issues so you can deal with them before it becomes a larger problem.

Service history
If you ever want to sell your car, you will have documentation that you have had it consistently maintained. This allows the customer know that it has been taken proper good care and probably does not have a lot of technical issues. This may allow you to ask more for your vehicle than one that does not have that same service history available.

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