May 23, 2024

Porsche CaymanWe’ve seen GTS Porsches prior to, be it versions of the Panamera , Cayenne or earlier-generation 911  – but this is the first Cayman GTS. Whilst Porsche harps on about the 1963 904 Carrera GTS, the actual inspiration for this car has been the GTS formulae that we’ve currently seen in other Porsche model lines. And there is a Boxster GTS on the way too.
What is the GTS formula for this new Porsche Cayman?

For the Cayman, there are some significant alterations. There’s 15bhp more, for a overall of 335bhp and 280lb ft of torque (seven.4lb ft much more) from that gorgeous 3.4-litre flat-six. There is also a 10mm fall in experience top and PASM – that is Porsche Adaptive Security Administration, normally a £970 added – including adaptive dampers. It really is portion of the regular Athletics Chrono Pack (usually a £1376 option) that the GTS has been armed with, as effectively as 20in alloys, bi-xenon adaptive headlamps and blacked-out front and rear bumpers.
Hold on – isn’t all of this obtainable as alternatives on the Cayman?
Of course – apart from the electricity boost and the cosmetic adjustments. The advantage of the GTS pack, although, is that it really is £55k price can make it considerably less than if you optioned up a Cayman S – the auto that it’s based upon. You also get interior tweaks, which includes alcantara and leather-based seats, as portion of the GTS remedy. If you want a more challenging-edged GTS, you can forgo the PASM and just take the sporting activities chassis as a no-price option. It signifies a 20mm ride-peak fall and no adaptive dampers. Whichever you select, the GTS is quicker for the cash
Does it drive any in a different way?
Unless you push it back again to back, you probably won’t be capable to tell. But this is the best mix of Cayman possibilities and spec cash can buy – and that tends to make this a car to shake the 911. From the second you switch the key, that flat-six wins you over with its cackle, and that transforms to a bassy howl when you decide on Activity and pin the throttle. You won’t want to do this around city, as it turns the Cayman from an obedient coupe into a toey, angst-ridden equipment that kicks down and runs through its 7-velocity twin-clutch ‘box like a bucking bronco.

That eagerness interprets to throttle response and a tactility like nothing else this aspect of, well, a 911: the Cayman kicks back again and launches, but not with a neck snapping wallop – regardless of cutting a substantial .3sec off the -sixty two claim, now four.6 sec – but with a continual, even-handed urge.

Whilst it may not rip your head off in a straight line, it truly is when you commence to assault corners like you might be suicidal that the Cayman’s utter capability shines by means of. The grip, the highway keeping and the accurate steering, which is weightier and has the edge over its fall-leading Boxster brother – makes this one of the least difficult and fastest vehicles to generate stage”to-position.

Throw in £5.6k for the carbon-ceramic brakes that our test vehicle was fitted with, and the stability, poise and composure of the GTS is around unrivalled – specially for the money.
If you happen to be soon after a foundation Cayman to just take to the hills, the GTS is most likely way too a lot added coin for you. However a large chunk of Cayman customers tick the options box for more substantial alloys, Athletics Chrono, and so forth,  and have been urging Porsche for a design with a little bit of added kick – and this is the car for them. The fact that it is the very best price Cayman – an S with added lustre – can make this the best Cayman. That can make it one particular helluva auto.

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