April 24, 2024

Porsche BoxsterPorsche 1st gave the 911 the GTS therapy in the very last gasps of the previous-era 997′s lifespan, respiration new existence into an ageing design. It then applied the GTS system to the Cayenne , which swiftly turned the leading-offering model of the SUV, then introduced a Panamera GTS , too.

On the coattails of its success, GTS is no more time a limited-run unique, but a entire-time product line. That indicates we have the 1st ever model of the Boxster GTS, Porsche’s entry-amount, mid-engined, two-seat roadster.
So it’s an entry-stage vehicle with further kit?

Considerably from it. The Boxster GTS is based in the outstanding S model , which has the bigger three.four-litre flat 6 and your choice of a seven-pace PDK or a slick six-pace guide gearbox. To add the ‘GT’ to the ‘S’, the sonorous, cackling six has been massaged to give it 15bhp a lot more and 8lb ft of additional torque, for 326bhp and 273lb ft in complete. To place that in viewpoint, the entry-degree 911 Carrera Cabriolet has only 19bhp more and carries 30kg on top of the Boxster’s 1420kg.

The Boxster GTS has also been treated to a distinctive entrance bumper with black inserts and badging, as properly as more substantial 20in alloys. There are smoked surrounds for the adaptive headlamps, too, as nicely as a 10mm fall in ride height many thanks to the normal PASM (Porsche Active Steadiness Management).

If you want a tougher-edged Boxster, you can ditch the PASM and have the Sports Chassis, which is 20mm lower general and has firmer dampers that aren’t adaptive. Choice up a Boxster S, which commences at £47k, to equivalent spec and you are going to be earlier mentioned the GTS version’s £52,879 request in a flash.
Is it as very good as the Cayman GTS?

No. Nicely, that is dependent. Porsche’s Vice President of the Cayman/Boxster merchandise line, Stefan Weckbach, told Car that the Boxster provides ‘flexibility’ that the Cayman are not able to offer. Whilst that sounds like marketing and advertising converse (and make no miscalculation, it is), the ‘flexibility’ Weckbach speaks of is that you can appreciate the GTS deal with the roof down.

That unleashes the timbre of the engine, which has a deep, bassy note at idle that builds endlessly as it revs towards 8000rpm, with a gorgeous, whip-crack shriek amongst gears. Again off, and there is certainly a delicious pop-and-gurgle that has you throwing away gas and driving like a cabbie just to listen to it, all the whilst you happen to be at one particular with both the road beneath you and the smells, refreshing air and warmth of the countryside you are hurtling through.

Nevertheless the Boxster just isn’t really as sharp as the Cayman GTS. The steering feels lighter, it moves close to a minor far more and you can really feel the mechanicals under you as the rear methods out a minor more. That does not indicate the Boxster is maniacal, obtuse or missing composure: it truly is even now nimble, does not really feel at all weighty and its agility and handle imply it has to be the greatest roadster this facet of £100k.

Why would you buy a 911 Cabriolet when the Boxster responds at will, holds the roads like glue and has so significantly traction, you can abuse the throttle out of corners as it hooks up and goes? In a way, the Boxster is truly a lot more playful than the Cayman, too: it slides a little easier, but is just as straightforward to management with its exceptional steering, stellar brakes and human body management. Of system, the journey isn’t really too organization to enjoy the Boxster close to city and on a daily foundation, both.
Do not but a Boxster S: get the GTS instead. As with Cayman, if you happen to be after an entry-amount Boxster then this GTS may be a stretch way too considerably in terms of cost, but if it is the S you happen to be hunting at, the GTS is a smarter buy. You’ll get a lot more for your funds, and you will have a automobile that stands out just a little. Possibly way, the GTS pack adds a lot more sparkle to an previously brilliant roadster.

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