July 20, 2024

The best car detailing kit will include all of the tools and cleaning products needed to clean your vehicle. The kit should have a variety of cleaners for the body, wheels, and leather interior.

Loaded with the brand’s best-selling products, Chemical Guys Arsenal includes Honeydew Snow Foam car shampoo, Butter Wet Wax car wax, Diablo Wheel Gel rim cleaner, signature glass cleaner, and a foam cannon.

Armor All Premier Car Care Kit

This Armor All car care kit features a variety of products to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles. Besides the cleaners, this kit also contains various tools that help to make the vehicle look great. The kit includes Armor All FRESH fx Fabric and Carpet Refresher with Odor Elimination Technology, Armor All Cleaning Wipes, Ultra Shine Total Vehicle Detailer, Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner, and Armor All Original Protectant.

The wipes in this kit are convenient and allow customers to quickly touch up their upholstery, dashboard, and side panels after a wash. They are also good for removing bugs and tar that may be difficult to get off the vehicle’s surface.

The kit is a great value for customers who are looking to add to their collection of cleaning products and tools. In addition to the products, this kit also comes with a collapsible bucket, tire brush, air conditioning vent brush, Torq Foam Cannon, Microfiber Wash Mitt, and a Window Squeegee.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

If you like to maintain your car on a regular basis, this kit is for you. It includes 16 ounces of shampoo, wax and polish with applicator pads, original protectant wipes to help make vinyl, leather and rubber look new, wheel cleaner that excels at removal of brake dust and other hard environmental contaminants and a detailer spray.

The Meguiar’s kit also comes with a clay bar that removes above surface contaminants from your paint finish that washing and soap alone cannot get rid of. Simply knead and compress the clay bar, wet it with Quik Detailer spray then glide it across your paint finish.

It is loaded with best-seller products including Honeydew Snow Foam car wash soap, Butter Wet Wax car wax, Diablo Wheel Gel rim cleaner, Silk Shine dressing, signature glass cleaner and more. It also has a 3.5-gallon bucket, cyclone dirt trap, short handle brush, Torq Foam Blaster foam gun and three microfiber towels.

Griot’s Garage Garage Starter

Griot’s Garage is a do-it-yourself car care brand with an emphasis on fun in the garage. They manufacture, bottle, and distribute their own liquid products allowing them total quality control. Their products are used by professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.

This kit includes all the essentials for getting started with machine polishing and cleaning your car. It is loaded with the G9 random orbital polisher, three Lake Country pads for compounding, polishing and waxing and Wolfgang Pad Werks pad care products.

The kit also contains Griot’s Best of Show Wax, which is made from liquid carnauba wax and smells great. It’s a quick detailing product that leaves behind a nice gloss and cleans away light soil.

Iron & Fallout Remover provides chemical decontamination, attacking ferrous metal contaminates. Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay lubricated with Speed Shine performs the final step of chemical and mechanical decontamination. This paired with the Quick Detailer makes it easy to wipe down and clean up your car with a single product!

Chemical Guys Arsenal

Keeping your car clean supports safer driving and eliminates unhealthy germs. While the most popular car detailing kits include products for both interior and exterior, some offer a more comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals and tools to support specific tasks like paint correction or chemical decontamination.

The Chemical Guys Arsenal HOL126 kit is a great starter option that includes the brand’s most popular products and a foam gun. It comes with Honeydew Snow Foam soap, Butter Wet Wax car wax, Diablo Wheel Gel rim cleaner, and Signature Glass cleaner, plus a 3.5-gallon bucket, cyclone dirt trap, wash sponge, four microfiber towels, a long-handled brush, and a microfiber wash mitt.

The included Arsenal Range Trunk Organizer is huge and fits your polisher, chemicals, bottles, accessories, towels, clothing, and shoes. The bag’s unique polisher pocket and side mesh pockets make it easy to keep your supplies organized, ready for action, and safe from damage while you’re on the go.

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