July 20, 2024

It would be safe to say that most of you reading this will love driving. Nothing beats getting behind the wheel of a car, truck, or van, and driving away. Some people enjoy driving so much that they end up doing it for a living. Imagine that; every day consumed with long drives. Watching the scenery drift past you as you put your foot down and cruise along. For people that adore driving, it’s the dream life to live.

There’s a good chance that lots of you are now wondering why you’ve never taken up a driving career. And, now you want to learn more about it, and see how you can get started. So, I present to you the complete guide to driving for a living:


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Getting The Right Licenses

Being able to drive a car doesn’t automatically mean you can drive any other vehicle. People need to be driving for a certain amount of years before they can drive a van. And, even then, you have to pass a short test to show you’re capable. The same can be said of trucks, which are the hardest vehicles to drive. You need a proper truck driving license if you want to be a professional trucker. It’s important to know that driving a truck is far different from driving a car. It says on the Clay Burgess website that truck drivers face other problems alongside your normal motorway issues. To be qualified to drive a truck you have to prove you’re able to drive for long periods without suffering fatigue. It’s tough, but can be great if you love long drives.


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Choosing A Career

Driving for a living is quite a broad career to talk about. There are tonnes of driving jobs out there that may be perfect for you. Your task is to find one that fits you like a glove. I already mentioned being a trucker and driving those huge eighteen wheelers around. But, what if you became a taxi driver, or worked for Uber? Then, you have bus and coach drivers that can end up travelling all over the country to cool tourist locations. Whether you like long journeys or short ones, there’s a driving job out there for you.


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Learning The Roads

I advise all of you to start learning your local roads and routes. If you want to be a driver, then your job is about getting to places on time. So, it helps if you know where you’re driving and learn the quickest routes possible. Have a good knowledge of the roads, and you should get your career up and running in no time. I’d look at some maps and try to understand more about the roads before your first job. Then, you gradually learn more and more as you drive every day.

Life as a driver can be a whole lot of fun, trust me! It might be a tiring job, but it’s very rewarding, and you get to do something you love for a living. Plus, you’ll get to drive on some of the best roads in the country and see new and exciting things. It certainly beats a desk job!

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