June 12, 2024

For many people, summer means road trips. Whether you are taking an epic family vacation or just a weekend retreat there are a few things you should check before you back out of the driveway.


If your vehicle isn’t good, your trip won’t be either. Whether you are driving an RV to campsites or taking a flashy roadster to hotels, you will want optimal power. Cooling systems are key if you are traveling through desert areas. Diesel Performance is crucial when towing recreational vehicles in mountainous regions. No matter where you are going, check wipers, tires and engine fluids. Lastly, fuel up.


Road trips are famous for being an excuse to indulge in snacks, often junk food. Remember to add apples, water and a few other healthy snacks to the bag. If you end up stuck on the side of the road, you will be happy to have decent nourishment and hydration. On that subject, be sure you have an updated roadside emergency kit that includes jumper cables and first aid. Many people see road trips as an opportunity to get away from it all, but these days technology is necessary. Leave laptops, televisions and game systems at home, but paper maps and pay phones are almost extinct so at least bring your smartphone. Remember the charger!

Routes and Reservations

Some people plan trips months ahead; others prefer a spontaneous getaway. In either case you likely have a route and several stops arranged. Before you leave your driveway be sure those plans are still in place. Road closures occur most frequently in winter but roads are susceptible to summer closures due to flooding, landslides, wildfires or simple construction projects. A few minutes spent online to verify that roads are open can prevent hours of frustrating delays. While you’re at it, spend a few more minutes to confirm your room or campsite is secured. These precautions will free you up to relax and enjoy your adventure.

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