May 23, 2024

Could you reel off all the phone numbers you need while driving right now? If not, do you have them stored safely on your phone? Several situations can arise while you are out driving, no matter how good you are behind the wheel.

Having instant access to help is going to make things much easier for you – not to mention the fact your problems will be resolved quicker. Here are six essential numbers you need to have on your phone. Get them locked in before the worst happens to you.

Emergency Numbers

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Emergency services

When your driving, anything can happen – as everyone knows. However, not every accident is a 999 emergency, and there will be occasions when alternative numbers are more suitable. Think about 112 or 101, and use them to free up emergency service resources. Also, you might want to store the number of the RSPCA or a local vet in case you come across a wounded deer or domestic animal in the middle of the road.

ICE – In Case of Emergency

If you have a bad crash, there’s a good chance of sustaining some severe injuries. If it happens, your ICE numbers are one of the first things emergency services will look for once your condition is stable. It stands for In Case of Emergency – They should include your next of kin and emergency contacts. Just put the term ICE in front of your loved one’s name – and the emergency services will do the rest.

Your insurance company

Been hit by another car? If so, it’s important to contact your insurance company right away. It will benefit your case to call them from the scene – assuming you are out of harm’s way, of course.

Emergency Numbers1




Car failures happen all the time – and sometimes you can’t see them coming. Make sure you have the number of your breakdown service locked into your phone if you want to resolve your problem as quick as possible. You are paying for the service, after all, and the quicker you call, the sooner you’ll be home with a nice warm brew.

Repair services

You don’t want to get a flat tyre in the middle of night, miles from anywhere. But, if it happens, you’ll need to call your breakdown service. The number of mobile tyre fitters such as is also a good idea. Finally, think about entering the number of a fuel draining company, too. Putting petrol in a diesel engine by mistake is surprisingly common – and it can wreck your car as soon as you start the engine.

A locksmith

We all like to think we would never make the mistake of locking ourselves out of the car. But, it happens to hundreds of people around the country on a weekly basis. Lost keys are another common issue – and there is sometimes no alternative but to call a locksmith.

What emergency numbers do you have on your phone? Let us know if we have missed anything out in the comments section below.

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